Submissão ao EstudIO / EstudIO Submission Submissão ao EstudIO / EstudIO Submission

What do I need to be for stand in EstudIO?

You need to be a 1st or 2nd cycle student from a higher education institution, to submit an extended abstract, and be selected.
Submissions from students which have finished the 1st or 2nd cycle in the academic year of 2016/2017 are also allowed. However, participation in the conference is mandatory, where the corresponding work must be presented.

What are the advantages in submitting to EstudIO?

The organizing committee offers the registration fee to selected students in order to participate in the conference, with all the benefits of a regular student registration. This registration includes the APDIO membership fee, which is offered by the APDIO Directory Board.
Selected students abstract will have a special reserved space in the book of abstracts.
All conference participants will be invited to vote for the best EstudIO submitted work. In the conference closing session the winner is to be announced and a diploma will be delivered.

How to apply and how is the selection being made?

1st stage

An extended abstract, with a maximum of one page, in PDF (obtained from a LaTeX source, with the article document class (\documentclass[a4paper,10pt,twoside]{article})) must be sent to the Program Committee Chair, ( stating that it refers to an application to EstudIO. The extended abstract structure is: (1) problem description; (2) problem relevance; (3) methodology used to solve the problem.

Applicants will be informed about the EstudIO application acceptance.

Non selected high level applications, due to the limit in the number of acceptances, will be invited to move to the standard abstract submission.

2nd stage

Applicants whose abstracts have been accepted in the 1st stage will be requested to submit:
- a revised version of the previous abstract using the same abstract structure, where a new section can be added (section (4) with results);
- an "elevator pitch" slide with the extended abstract structure.

Applicants are requested to register in the conference as "EstudIO student".

Please be alert to the EstudIO submission deadline.