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2016-06-09: Seminário CEG-IST & Workshop: "The FOCCUSSED Approach for Decision Making", com Terry Bresnick

Data:  9 de Junho de 2016, quinta-feira, das 14:30 às 16:00.
Local: Anfiteatro Complexo Interdisciplinar (Técnico, Campus Alameda, Complexo Interdisciplinar, Piso Térreo)
Tema: The FOCCUSSED Approach for Decision Making
Palestrante: Terry Bresnick

Whether you are the CEO of a major firm, an owner or manager of a small business, a sole proprietor, or someone dealing with personal family decisions, the FOCCUSSED approach described in this talk will make you a better decision maker. Small business owners make decisions on contracts, vendors, and general operations. Financial services professionals such as realtors, insurance agents, and financial planners, help clients make decisions. Franchisees make personnel, equipment, and financial decisions. Parents make decisions about schools, family finances, home and car purchases, etc. Investors make decisions about buying, selling, and managing cash flow and tax implications. Let's face it, decision making is at the heart of virtually everything we do. In all cases, we have to deal with values, alternatives, and uncertainty. Are you ready to become a more FOCCUSED decision maker?


Terry Bresnick has more than forty years of experience in applying the techniques of decision analysis, operations research, and systems engineering to complex problems of industry and government.  He has demonstrated his expertise in the areas of resource allocation and budgetary analysis, managerial decision making, evaluation of competing alternatives, cost-benefit analysis, business area analysis, and strategic planning. Terry Bresnick has been an Assistant Professor of Systems and Decision Analysis and is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Virginia, USA. He is co-author of The Handbook of Decision Analysis (2013), and his most recent book is the Foccussed Decision Maker: A Quick and Easy Guide for Decision Making (2016). Terry Bresnick won the David Rist Prize, Military Operations Research Society, for outstanding achievement in 1981.